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Stavros Alevrogiannis

Mr Stavros Alevrogiannis, MD, PhD

Consultant in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

  • Medical Director in 8th Orthopaedic Department in IASO GENERAL HOSPITAL
  • Former Hellenic Air Force Medical Officer (Colonel) Deputy Medical Director of 2nd Orthopaedic Department/ 251 Hellenic Air Force Hospital.
  • PhD in Orthopedics in Medical School of Thessaly University
  • International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • Honorary Lecturer of Athens University in Nursery & Anatomy Dept. School
  • Medical Stuff of Hellenic TAE KWO DO National Team.
  • Medical Stuff of Hellenic SOFTBALL National Team.
  • Head Doctor in Medical stuff of Panelefsiniakos B.C, Ilisiakos B.C (A1 Hellenic League) and many other football, handball and basketball teams
  • Fellow in Sports Injuries & Reconstructive lower Limb Surgery in famous Hospitals in Great Britain.
  • Former Senior SpR & Consultant in Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital/ London/UK (Bone & Soft Tissue Tumour Unit/2005-2006)
  • Active participation in a lot of postgraduate programms (G.Britain, U.S.A, Germany, Italy) regarding Sports Injuries & Biologic Reconstruction.
  • Active participation in numerous international Orthopaedic congresses and Conferences as a Speaker, President of round tables and Instructor.
  • Numerous publications in international journals.
  • Active member of numerous national & international scientific societies.
  • Scientific Associate of most famous private clinics in Athens/Greece.